Meet Bogart

Per usual, there have been quite a few changes going on in the Viscardi household. (No, I'm not pregnant.) My parents are retired! It's actually a longer, more complicated story, but the punchline is that they'll be joining us the week after next in Nashville, where we're all going to house hunt (and bake cookies) together. 

That's not the really exciting news, though. (Sorry, Mom.) The really exciting news is our new fur-baby, Bogart. 

rescue puppy bogart

Bogart is a floppy, fluffy, happy, hungry puppy. He's half Golden Retriever and half Havanese, which means when you brush him out (which we do once, sometimes twice, daily) he triples in volume. He stands shoulder to shoulder with the Biscuit, but he's only four months old. We expect him to get larger. Much larger.

We decided that with me working from home, now was the right time to adopt a second shelter pup. Biscuit had started to sleep 18 hours a day, which is a lot, even for a dog, and James and I were concerned that she was getting bored (and honestly, a bit chubby). We always knew we would eventually be a two-dog family, and if we adopted a pup now, it would be almost out of puppy stage before Imaginary Future Kid Viscardi shows up. (Just to reiterate, still not pregnant. Sorry, Mom.)

So there he is, the bouncy little fluffball that rounds out our ragtag crew of cookie fanatics. His hobbies include barking (at everything: the ice maker, his shadow, his reflection, other reflections, noises, silence, when he's hungry, when he's overtired, when he's feeling playful, when he sees us or hears us or thinks about us), licking things, snuggling and being bouncy and adorable. He also loves playing tug of war with anything. And occasionally, he'll steal a shoe and bring it to the middle of the living room and drop it, then look around like, "OMG did you guys see what I just found?!"

So that's what we're up to: learning to look at life through a puppy's eyes again (translate: looking at things and wondering, "Could he eat that?"). 

What's new and exciting with all you fine folks?