{Confession} I miss Nora Ephron

Today is the first day that I've had off in I can't even tell you how long. The weekends have turned into puppy play dates, and trips to see parents, and volunteer work and other sorts of craziness.

But not today. Today I didn't have a single reason to change out of my pajamas-- so I haven't. Biscuit is chewing her stuffed eggplant on the floor (still her favorite toy) and Elephant is angry that the boiled chicken breast I shredded earlier wasn't for her, so she's mewing pitifully. I'm watching Julie & Julia and contemplating the magic that's brewing in the pot of chicken stock I have gently simmering on my stove.

Food is so amazing, isn't it? I just love the way it feeds your heart and mind and body and soul. I took five minutes earlier to jot down the list of food I'm too intimidated to try creating in my own kitchen. It's still daunting: meringue, Hollandaise, poached eggs, baked brie, etc. Daunting, sure, but familiar friends, still there to challenge me to improve and learn and grow. Stay hungry, right?

The insanity can kick back in tomorrow morning, bright and early if it so chooses. But not today. Today it's just Nora and I and a big pot of simmer chicken stock.

And life is beautiful.