250 Days Pregnant

As of today, I'm officially 250 days pregnant. The end is in sight. The "practice labor" contractions are happening more and more regularly. I cannot. stop. eating. And I am never not ready to go to bed for the night. And yet... as far as trimesters go, I'm still going to have to say the third is my favorite because 1. I am not throwing up everything I eat (just select things) and 2. I am basically 90% done being pregnant. 30 days left, y' all. I can handle that. I can totally handle it.

Source , which is 100% hilarious and worth the read. 

Source, which is 100% hilarious and worth the read. 

I'm at the point now where I'm letting myself drink the Kool Aid. I spent the morning flipping through all her little books (as I was packing them for the big move, which is happening in 18 days), and washing some of her little clothes. I can't believe she'll ever be that small, and then I think about the mechanics of having to give birth to her, and then I keep wondering how she could ever possibly be that big. Sometimes the weight of it hits me: I'm about to become a mother. Other times the levity of it hits me: they're about to give me a kid to take care of. It really is a complex, mixed bag of emotions (even without the heady cocktail of pregnancy hormones coursing through my veins, eating my sanity for breakfast). 

People kept telling me it would all be worth it when I was so sick at the beginning. I never really needed to hear that. I always knew it would be worth it, that I would probably dislike being pregnant but shine at being a mother. I'm 250 days into a 280-day swap. I traded that much of my life and as a reward I get to introduce a tiny person (who will hopefully have James's eyelashes) to all the magic in this world (like strawberry shortcakes and puppy snuggles). 

It was never not going to be worth it. 

But seriously, thank GOD the end is in sight. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go make meaningful eye contact with a bottle of champagne I've been chilling for 9 months. 250 down, 30 to go... Mama is dreaming about her first post-baby drink.