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What is 2 in 52?

2 in 52 is just going to be a celebration of that, the togetherness I'm building in my second year as a mom, and the way food acts as the glue. I'm sure the meaning of this project will change and grow with me as I change and grow as a person, a mother, and a cook. But right now, at the beginning, this is what I'm committing to: 2 in 52 is the food diary that's taking me from Mom to a 1 Year Old to Mom of a 2 Year Old. Our year, summed up in 52 dishes that fed us. They're the fence-posts between my baby becoming my toddler. They're the glue.

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3 | 52 Cinnamon Rolls

The deeper into this writing project I get, the more I realize it has very little to do with Nora after all. Cooking for my family is how I've defined myself in this brave new world of motherhood. It's not just Nora I cook for, though. It's my husband and my parents, and neighbors and friends from church. And myself. I bake, especially, for myself. 

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2 | 52 Bone Broth

Giving someone a cup of bone broth is the equivalent of offering the warmest hug. It revitalizes you in ways other foods just can't, stirring something warm and good awake in your soul, like whispers from the universe that everything is going to work out. It is a sigh and a nod and a, "Don't you worry." It's comfort in a cup, and it'll chase whatever chill you're carrying around right away.

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